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360 Youth Services provides life-changing services through prevention education, counseling and shelter. We believe that children, families and young adults already possess most of the tools they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Mission & Vision of 360 Youth Services

To provide life-changing services to youth through prevention education, counseling and shelter.

The vision of the organization is to see a community where all youth possess the necessary skills to successfully navigate life’s challenges.

360 Youth Services began in 1971 when a group of concerned parents, community, and religious leaders recognized the need for professional, youth-centered services in the Naperville community. They formed a council that eventually became a non-profit organization referred to as Naperville Community Outreach. In 2011, the organization changed its name to 360 Youth Services to better reflect its mission and vision.

Today, 360 Youth Services is a well-respected organization operating on an annual budget of approximately two million dollars and offering counseling, substance abuse prevention, and housing programs for youth. The organization helps over 6,000 persons and significantly impacts over 25,000 youth and their families in Naperville and the surrounding areas.

To learn more visit: 360 Youth Services

At the heart of the business is a genuine desire to educate, reform & inspire the youth from underserved communities. As a young girl, the designer and co-founder of our brand, grew up in a low income, single mother home in a rough community in the "hood" of Chicago. The violence & heart ache she saw as a child affected the decisions she has made as an adult and now parent to do better and make the world better for her girls- Bella & Sophia.  

Through hard work and persistence we can truly change the world and we must start with the children. With each sale, Bella+Sophia clothing aims to make a difference by donating a portion to the cause. As we grow we hope to grow in our outreach, service and aid to others and more organizations such as 360.